Engineering Sciences

Materials Science

Seeks to understand the fundamental relationships that link chemical composition, microstructure, and processing history with resultant material properties and behavior.

  • Materials by Design
  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • Physical Properties of Materials
  • Synthesis and Processing of Materials

Mechanical Sciences

Advances the Army and Nation's knowledge and understanding of the fundamental properties, principles, and processes involved in fluid flow, solid mechanics, chemical reacting flows, explosives and propellants, and the dynamics of complex systems of relevance to the Army and the DoD.

  • Solid Mechanics
  • Complex Dynamics and Systems
  • Propulsion and Energetics
  • Fluid Dynamics


Seeks materials and novel structures providing new pathways for the design and fabrication of electronic devices with properties that cannot be realized with current technology.

  • Electromagnetics
  • Nano- and Bio- Electronics


Is focused on enhancing the control of generation, emission, transmission, guidance, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification, and detection of light in both semiconductor and dielectric materials. It is the foundation for new sensing, communication, and power applications for the Soldier.

  • Optics and Fields
  • Optoelectronics
  • Photonic Sensing

Last Update / Reviewed: April 6, 2017