Advanced Computing Architectures

Emergent Architectures

Research focuses on light weight architectures, large scale on-chip parallelism, and exascale performance to support petascale computing with multi-core processors. These research efforts are also dedicated to developing novel algorithms and application formulations that facilitate the input and output rates required for petascale computing; and application development and performance optimization for next generation computing architectures.

  • Mobile Computing
  • Scalable Computing

Tatical Computing

Research is focused on better understanding algorithms and applications which facilitate seamless reach back to large-scale HPC systems and help to supply information to the Soldier at the tactical edge. Research in this area is dedicated to moving beyond optimizing devices in isolation, and embraces the challenges of cross-environment co-design to address the needs of emerging tactical applications.

  • Tactical HPC Provisioning
  • Computing functionality

Next Generation Computing

Research is focused on non-traditional computing systems and envisioned to provide disruptive technologies for the Army. Quantum computing, cognitive computing, neuro-synaptic computing, and DNA computing are some emerging concepts.

  • Very large-scale systems
  • Novel Hardware Paradigms

HPC Networking & Memory

Research focuses on addressing networking challenges related to distributed computing. (i) Software defined networking research focuses on enabling network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted from applications and network services. (ii) Distributed Quantum networking focuses on understanding and exploiting distributed quantum computing algorithms over distributed quantum networks.

  • Computer Memory

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015