Computing Sciences

Programming Lanuages

Research is focused on exploring research activities on adaptable operating system, behavioral programming languages, domain specific languages (DSL), and novel libraries. DSL's will raise the level of abstraction of the codes that programmers write, both to maintain portability across increasingly diverse hardware and to give the language implementation more scope for choosing the best route to map a program on to the most appropriate computing hardware.

  • Domain-specific languages (DSL)
  • Processes

Programming Environments

Research is focused on simplifying HPC processes associated with application analysis and software development.

  • Application enabling environments
  • Data sharing environments

Software Integration

Is focused on using components of different application software and integrating software modules to achieve a different functionality. One approach to achieve better software, more quickly and at lower cost, we need to adopt a design process that is based on systematic software reuse. The evolution of computing infrastructure is creating new challenges, ranging from energy-aware software development to software for massively parallel and distributed systems.

  • Reusable software
  • Software portability

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015