Structural Materials

Advanced Platform Structures

Includes investigations into polymeric materials for use as adhesives. Applications include microfluidic appliqués with adaptive optical and electromagnetic properties. Goals of this research include characterization of failure modes at high rates and altering and control of these modes through novel surface preparation.

  • Adaptive Microfluidic Surface Appliqués
  • Nanoengineered Polymers
  • Hybrid 3D Composites

Integrated Structural & Energy Materials

Takes advantage of multifunctional materials concepts where the multifunctionality is derived from a "structure-plus" concept. Efforts in this area focus on introducing energy storage capability into structural materials. Current capability is limited by the structural dielectric and the need to balance power storage with structural integrity.

  • Multifunctional Nanocomposite Dielectrics
  • Multifunctional Materials

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015