Manufacturing Science

Advanced and Additive Manufacturing

Seeks to explore the manufacturing tools necessary to field novel materials technologies and new production methods to reduce costs for Army systems.

  • Indigenous Materials
  • Adhesive Processing
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Field Assisted Manufacturing
  • Process Simulation/Virtual Manufacturing
  • Joining, Machining, and Assembly
  • Design for Materials and Manufacturing

Polymer Coatings

Research focuses on the development of high performance, sustainable chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC), including non-isocyanate chemistries, which exceed current coating systems. Full structure-property relationships that relate gloss, adhesion, mar resistance, and permeability to performance are being studied. Formulation studies examine the effect of thinners, rheology modifiers, de-foamers, and pigments on performance.

Corrosion & Fatigue

Research explores corrosion behavior of magnesium and aluminum alloys for structural and protection applications - novel characterization techniques are studied to map corrosion initiation sites and local alloy chemistry; and mitigating fretting fatigue mechanisms in aviation materials to decrease sustainment costs and reduce aviation crashes.

  • Corrosion Science
  • Fretting Mitigation

Energy Fields Coupled-to-Matter

Applies physics-based fields (acoustic, electromagnetic, and micro-gravitational) to achieve new properties within materials and new fabrication and integration methods.

  • Processing
  • Properties

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015