System Intelligence & Intelligent Systems

Information Understanding

Addresses critical principles and techniques for processing, extracting and combining data from widely heterogeneous information sources. The overall goal is to transform the information to levels of abstraction that are either more computationally tractable or more useful to the Soldier or both.

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image Understanding

Information Fusion

Establishes advanced theoretical approaches and techniques for integrating data from widely varied physics-based and human sensors, using contextual and semantic information to provide actionable intelligence for the Soldier This research is highly reliant on ongoing projects in trust, quality and value of information, as outlined in the section on Information Management.

  • Multi-Sensor Information Fusion
  • Heterogeneous-Sensor Information Fusion

Computational Intelligence

Seeks computationally feasible techniques and theories to ad¬dress the synergistic integration of components of intelligent behavior, including perception, reasoning, planning/execution, and decision making. These behaviors can be individual or collaborative. The overall objective is to provide computational methods to support, or in some way augment, the Soldier in accomplishing tactical missions.

  • Perception and Cognition
  • Computational Reasoning
  • Planning and Execution
  • Decision Making

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015