Human Capability enhancement


Soldiers operate in environments that are highly dynamic, increasingly complex, and physically demanding. Therefore, both their physical and cognitive burden must be mitigated while maintaining overmatch. ARL's research in the area of augmentation aims to reduce the effects of burden and exploit technological and scientific advances in the field of capability enhancement while ensuring that the augmentation adapts to the Soldier instead of requiring the Soldier to adapt to the augmentation. Augmentation focuses on enabling superhuman performance and increasing resilience during sustained activities in both training and operational domains. Though interconnected, performance enhancement and resilience enhancement are distinct areas of research. Innovations in cognitive and physical augmentation systems that are matched to individual capabilities and accommodate the operational environment are expected to significantly impact warfighter situational awareness, physical prowess and decision making. Innovations are also expected to enhance warfighter physical capabilities by balancing load and improving protection and performance.


ARL's research within the area of training and education seeks to provide methods and technologies to reduce risk to Soldiers, equipment and the environment; to decrease the resources needed to conduct training; and to increase human performance and enhance Soldier readiness. ARL's research in this area is a broad-based program of fundamental research and advanced technology development designed to achieve significant advances in Soldier readiness and mission effectiveness. It is a highly interdisciplinary field that encompasses learning sciences, human sciences, human-system interaction, computer science, engineering, and modeling and simulation. The training research program strives to produce high-payoff capabilities to speed learning, increase retention, and improve transfer of knowledge and skills from the training to the operational environment. The end goal is to discover and innovate new tools, technologies and methods for efficient, affordable and effective training.


Last Update / Reviewed: May 10, 2018