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Assessment and Analysis

Assessment and Analysis is focused on supporting evaluators, PMs, and decision makers; modernizing the Army's capabilities in engineering-level analyses of technologies and systems; and leveraging those strengths to create fundamentally new capabilities through Assessment of Science and Technology, Science and Technology of Assessment, Assessing Mission Capability of Material, and Material Capable of Assessing Mission Capability.


Computational Sciences

Computational Sciences is focused on advancing the fundamentals of Predictive Simulation Sciences, Data Intensive Sciences, Computing Sciences, and emerging Computing Architectures to transform the future of complex Army applications.


Human Sciences

Human Sciences is focused on gaining a greater understanding of individual physical, perceptual, and cognitive performance through Human-Physical Interface, Human-Human Interface, and Human-Technology Interface.


Materials Research

Materials Research is focused on fundamental research for scientific discovery and innovative problem-solving to provide superior materials and devices needed to achieve lasting strategic land power dominance through Structural Materials, Electronics, Photonics, Energy and Power, Biotechnology and Bioinspired, High Strain and Ballistic Materials, and Manufacturing Science, Processing and Sustainment.


Sciences for Lethality & Protection

Sciences-for-Lethality and Protection is focused on gaining a greater understanding of emerging technologies that support weapon systems, protection systems, and the mechanisms of injury affecting the warfighter through Lethality Research for Soldiers and Army Platforms, Protection Research for Soldiers and Army Platforms, and Battlefield Injury Mechanisms.


Sciences for Maneuver

Sciences-for-Maneuver is focused on gaining a greater fundamental understanding of advanced mobility systems and their supporting architectures - critical to the future Army's movement, sustainment, and maneuverability through Energy and Propulsion, Platform Mechanics, Platform Intelligence, and Logistics and Sustainability.


Last Update / Reviewed: January 6, 2016