Army Cyber-Research Analytics Laboratory (ACAL)

The vision of the Army Cyber-research Analytics Laboratory is to lead the Army's future cyber capabilities by discovering new knowledge, providing a world-class laboratory and promoting global partnerships.

Its mission is to enhance the quality of research within the Department of Defense by providing superior capabilities, cyber training and data access to the scientific community to ensure our research initiatives are both operationally grounded and relevant to cyber operations of today, tomorrow and beyond.

This unique laboratory is designed to support distributed development efforts from Army, government, industry, and academic partners for transitioning immediate cyber operational requirements into capabilities. Research initiatives within the ACAL are both operationally grounded and relevant to defensive cyber operations.

Furthermore, it aims to provide for the Army and its users, a unique collaborative environment which is conducive for advanced analytics, innovative cyber research, and rapid deployment of capabilities in providing security and counter-network threats.

The ACAL facilitates collaboration with provision of:

  • Multiple secure clusters
    • 36 Node BDP external collaboration
    • 36 Node BDP test and evaluation
    • 76 Node production
  • Dynamic hosting environment for cyber exercises (i.e. capture the flag event or cyber defense exercises)
  • Rapid integration/testing environment with the capability to host cyber tools and systems developed by our external partners
  • Comprehensive Cyber Training Environment
  • Capability for cyber analytic development on a subset of the ARL Cybersecurity Defense Service Provider (CDSP) operational data (ACAS, HBSS, and Interrogator)
  • Customer-sponsored project development and lifecycle support
  • Test Plans and Concept of Operations (CONOPs) development for real world utilization
  • Synergetic working environments for Cyber Communities of Interest

The ACAL seeks to create an Agile environment that provides a consistent big data platform and facility for distributed development of U.S. Army cyber tools. In addition, the ACAL aims to establish policies and processes for collaborative simultaneous development of cyber analytics on a common big data cloud environment. As the ACAL matures, the intent is to support rapid development and deployment requirements for the Army's Computer Network Defense (CND) analytic capabilities across Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER), Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM), and their partners.

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Last Update / Reviewed: July 29, 2016