Internet of Battlefield Things (IOBT)


The overall objective is to develop the fundamental understanding of dynamically-composable, adaptive, goal-driven Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBTs) to enable predictive analytics for intelligent command and control and battlefield services.


Research Topics

Internet of Battlefield Things (IOBT)
  • RA1: Discovery, Composition and Adaptation of Goal-Driven Heterogeneous IoBTs:
    Novel mathematical theories and scientific insights leading to scalable composition and management of heterogeneous IoBTs enabling secure information sharing to meet multiple dynamic mission goals.
  • RA2: Autonomic IoBTs to Enable Intelligent Services:
    Theoretical foundations, models, and methods of autonomic complex systems that deliver adaptive cyber-physical capabilities and services necessary to enable effective command and control across military (blue), adversary (red), and civilian (gray) domains.
  • RA3: Distributed Asynchronous Processing and Analytics of Things:
    Scientific principles, theories, and methods and predictive processing, analytics, and anomaly detection of broadly heterogeneous and varied data that may be unknown combinations of sparse and voluminous; centralized and distributed; and trusted and suspect for the purposes of augmenting goal-driven decision-making.
  • CCRI: Cyber-Physical Security:
    Theoretical and pragmatic cross-cutting methods that address the challenges of the above research areas, while enriching the resiliency of the IoBT, such that it can be hardened against tampering and adversarial compromise, continue operating under attacks, and provide bounded guarantees of performance.

Last Update / Reviewed: February 7, 2017