HRED Human Systems Integration Tools and Models

Human Systems Integration Tools Overview

What is HSI?

Human Systems Integration (HSI) is the practice the DoD uses to ensure human factors are incorporated into all steps of the acquisition lifecycle. Acquisition programs proceed through the system acquisition framework with HSI applied throughout the lifecycle. The objective of HSI is to optimize total system performance (human and system), reduce life cycle costs, and minimize risk of Soldier injury or loss. HSI is a balance of tradeoffs between human capabilities and limitations and system performance.

How is ARL-HRED (Human Engineering and Research Directorate) facilitating best practices?

The tools described on this site have been developed to assist not only HSI practitioners, but engineers, analysts, and other professionals that are critical to the development and evaluation of Army systems from system concept development to maintenance and support. Application of these tools ensures the Soldier is central to the system of systems design concept.

System Acquisition Framework

Acquisition programs proceed through a series of milestone reviews and other decision points that may authorize entry into a significant new program phase. Details of the reviews, decision points, and program phases are found in Enclosure 2 of DoD Instruction 5000.02.


Last Update / Reviewed: September 8, 2017