Army HSI Domains

What are the Army HSI Domains and how do they relate to the HSI Tool Domains?

There are seven domains of HSI: Manpower, Personnel, Training, Human Factors Engineering, System Safety, Soldier Survivability and Health Hazards. The Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED) of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory integrates these into four HSI Tool Domains for development: Usability, Human Performance Modeling, Mobile Applications, and Logistics and Planning. Each HSI Tool Domain area overlaps with one or more HSI domain areas.

Army HSI domains

The Army's HSI program considers optimization in multiple domains that affect total system performance. Each domain constitutes a piece of the larger HSI picture. (SOURCE: Modified, Human Systems Integration Office, HQDA G-1) (Photo Credit: U.S. Army)


Last Update / Reviewed: September 8, 2017