HSI Tool Domain: Usability

The usability domain focuses on creating user focused designs, ensuring that the user experience is intuitive and meets requirements, and remediating problems with interfaces when necessary. To support usability analyses, HRED has developed Graphical User Interface Test, Assess, & Remediate (GUITAR), a software interface assessment tool.

What is GUITAR?

GUITAR allows one to:



Specify the tasks for users to perform and select the desired data points that will be recorded (webcam, audio, key logging, screen capture, etc.).


Instantly view test the results online as tests are completed. Inspect individual tests or compare the results across multiple product versions.


Product owners can send priority issues to the development team for remediation and perform the same tasks for multiple versions to track usability improvement.

What are the benefits of using GUITAR?

  • See and hear real users
  • Find problems early in development
  • Remediate and re-test

How do you get GUITAR?

Visit the website: https://guitarux.com/


Last Update / Reviewed: September 8, 2017