Command Control and Communications- Techniques for Reliable Assessment of Concept Execution (C3TRACE)

C3TRACE is a modeling tool used to conduct "what if" analyses of alternative organizational, personnel, and system configurations, all as a function of information flow and information quality.


With C3TRACE you can...

  • Evaluate effects of different personnel architectures and information technology on system and human performance
  • Investigate efficiency and effectiveness of message processing in Command & Control environments
  • Identify communication bottlenecks and decision making vulnerabilities
  • Conduct cost-effective analysis prior to experimentation

How do you get C3TRACE?

C3TRACE is available free of charge via download to the following organizations:

  • U.S. government agencies
  • U.S. private industry with U.S. Government contract
  • U.S. colleges and universities working in Human System Integration

In order to receive a copy of C3TRACE, please download, complete and return the following forms.

ARL Non-Distribution Agreement Form - This agreement simply specifies that distribution of software, models and simulations to foreign governments and firms is subject to special review and that this software is not to be distributed to any third parties, U.S. or foreign, without approval from ARL HRED.

C3TRACE User Information Form - This information is stored in our user database and is used to track the number of C3TRACE users and provides a way to contact users when updates to the software are available.

For more information or questions, email ARL HRED at


Last Update / Reviewed: September 12, 2017