The Symbolic and Sub-symbolic Robotics Intelligence Control System (SS-RICS)

Since 2004, as part of a Directors Research Initiative (DRI), the Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED) has been developing a robotics architecture (SS-RICS) for research and experimental use within DoD. The robotics system is capable of a wide variety of behaviors including body recognition (face, torso, legs, arms), movement detection, color detection, voice recognition, path planning, navigation, and cognition (logical inference, memory manipulation). The architecture is built upon mechanisms and algorithms using computational cognitive psychology research, and as such, the system responds in some ways as a human would respond making it useful for Human Robot Interaction (HRI) research. The system is a goal-directed production system capable of both serial and asynchronous execution. A 2D simulated environment and a 3D simulated environment using the Unreal Engine are available for testing within SS-RICS. The system runs on a variety of robotics platforms including the Pioneer and the Husky. The system can also be used on a Windows based laptop with a web camera serving as stimulus. SS-RICS is a .NET Windows based software environment.



Last Update / Reviewed: December 18, 2017