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ARL Center for Cold Spray

Cold spray is a material-deposition process where metal or metal-ceramic mixtures of powders are used to form a coating or freestanding structure. The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) established the Center for Cold Spray Research and Development in 2001 - the only Department of Defense facility to have research and development, production, and field-repair capability in cold spray.


The center occupies over 5000 sq. ft. of work space, servicing cold spray systems and support equipment, as well as plasma, HVOF, HVAF and detonation gun systems. Two, robot actuated, cold spray systems are available for R&D and prototyping, and four portable systems are available for field use. A Visotek DLF-1000 diode laser is available for laser assisted cold spray. In-house diagnostic equipment specific to cold spray includes SprayWatch and DPV-2000 Particle Velocity Measurement Systems and KurvaWare ICP In-situ Coating Property Sensor.

The photo below shows a cold spray system at ARL's Center for Cold Spray.

A cold spray system at ARL's Center for Cold Spray

Cold Spray Team

The cold spray team consists of six engineer/scientists and three research technicians (see photo below). The team total experience in cold spray exceeds 75 years.

Cold Spray Team

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