What we offer

What we offer

Fast-paced technology development for tomorrow's nanotechnology systems

  • Spearhead research into innovative materials, devices, and high risk processing techniques.
  • Stimulate collaboration and foster MEMS and nanotechnology development with industry & academia.

Provide leadership in process development and toolset

  • Maintain state of the art micro- and nano-fabrication capabilities through constant reinvestment.
  • Provide hands-on access and/or process support to explore the interplay between device design and processing.
  • Provide straightforward intellectual property sensitive access for private sector organizations to support innovation.
What we offer

What can you do in the SEMASC Facility?

What can you do in the SEMASC Facility?


Secure fabrication up to limited classified (Secret) level Through Open Campus, open to Foreign Nationals

Substrates Sizes:

  • Substrates supported include: Silicon, GaAs, Sapphire, Silicon Carbide, Pyrex, Quartz and more
  • Materials Processed: Polysilicon, Metals, Dielectrics III-V, II-VI, PZT, Aluminum Nitride, and variety of organic materials
  • Specialty materials deposition: MBE of III-V, III-N, and II-VI materials, as well as carbon nanotubes and graphene furnaces located on-site


  • Piece parts and single wafers through cassettes
  • Mid-volume prototype runs
  • High volume manufacturability studies
  • Mission critical production


    • 10,000 GSF Class 100 (9 Bays)
    • 5,000 GSF Class 10 (3 Bays)
    • Bay and Chase - Raised Floor Design
    • Fully Integrated into 375,000 GSF Zahl PSL

    Dedicated Centralized Support Staff

    • Process Engineers/li>
    • Tool/Process Technicians
    • Administrative

    Comprehensive External Facilities Support

    • HVAC
    • DI water plant
    • Process cooling water
    • Acid waste treatment system
    • Pharmacy for chemical storage and distribution
    • Ultrapure Nitrogen storage and delivery
    • Hazardous process gas bunkers

    Representative SEMASC Process Technologies

    Representative SEMASC Process Technologies

    Piezoelectric Lead-Zirconate-Titanate (PZT)

    • Microrobotics
    • Microswitches
    • Delay lines
    • Compact RF devices (Radar, communications)

    Corrugated Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors (C-QWIP)

    • Megapixel AlGaAs focal plane arrays
    • Launched by NASA in February 2013

    Carbon Based Electronics

    • Carbon Nanotube and Graphene transistors
    • GHz transistors demonstrated


    • Atomizer fabrication for micropower fuel combustion
    • Applications in micro-cooling

Last Update / Reviewed: February 11, 2011