E-beam Lithography

  • Raith (Vistec) EBPG 5000+ HR HS E-Beam Direct Write
  • Repeatable linewidths down to 7nm
  • 0kV and 100kV operation, 50MHz scan speed, high speed stage, large scan field, 10 substrate loadlock

Laser Lithography

  • Heidelberg VPG-200++ high resolution, fast write platform
  • Heidelberg DWL2000 freeform laser PG, patterns curves surfaces (e.g. concave lens)
  • Heidelberg DWL200 laser pattern generator
  • Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT nanoscale 3D

Contact Lithography

  • (1x) Suss MA8/BA8 and (1x) Suss MA6/BA6 aligners all with front-back alignment

Mask Making

  • Heidelberg VPG-200++ high resolution, fast write platform
  • Heidelberg DWL200 laser pattern generator
  • Vistec EBPG capable of writing mask plates

Resist Processing

  • EVG120 resist processing cluster tool
  • Suss Altaspray spray coater
  • Axcelis / Fusion 200 UV resist curing tool
  • Three wet benches with spinners, hot plates, and ovens for manual photoresist and polyimide processing



Atomic Layer Deposition:

  • (2x) KJ Lesker ALD 150LX w/6-wafer loadlock & in-situ 4l elliposometer
  • Cambridge Nanotech FIJI F200 - 200mm capable
  • Thermal, Ozone, Water and Plasma Activation
  • Precursors for Platinum, Hafnium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, Alumina, Ruthenium, Titania, ZrO2


  • Evatec - E-beam evaporator with ion-gun for film modification (stress tuning), and reactive deposition
  • CHA - E-beam evaporator
  • Lesker PVD 75 - Thermal Evaporator
  • Aluminum, Chrome, Copper, Germanium, Gold, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Silicon, Silver, Tin, Titanium, Ti-Nitride, Ti-Tungsten, Tungsten


  • PlasmaTherm790+ - Silicon dioxide, Silicon Nitride and Oxy-Nitrides


  • Modular Kurt J Lesker system, versatile, customized modules
  • AJA ATC2200 - Co-sputter system for custom alloy deposition (4-gun), heated stage (800° C), capable of reactive depositions (oxides and nitrides)
  • Evatec CLC 200 - chambers for PZT, AlN, platinum, titanium, as well as rf sputter clean and RTA
  • CVC 610 - research tool, 3" and 8" targets, substrates can be heated, supports reactive deposition, rf and pulsed dc power supplies
  • EMS 300TT - Coats w/Au-Pd on substraup to 200 mm
  • Deposition Materials Available - Aluminum, boron, BN, chromium, copper, gold, indium, iron, molybdenum, nickel, palladium, platinum, silicon, silver, tin, tantalum, titanium, TiN, Ti-W, tungsten and more.
  • Sol-Gel

    • Sol-gel PZT preparation and manual deposition
    • C&D P9000 Cluster tool to support automated piezoelectric PZT sol-gel processing
    • RTP-3000 Advanced Rapid Thermal Processing System


    Ion Milling


    • PVA TePla Ion 40 with rf source
    • PVA TePla Ion Wave 10 with microwave source & cooled shelf
    • Anatech MP1000 - Barrel asher
    • UVOCS ozone cleaning
    • Axcelis - Downstream plasma asher

    Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)

    • Unaxis VLR 700 PM2 - Metal and III-V etch
    • Unaxis VLR 700 PM3 - Oxide/Nitride ICP
    • Oxford Plasmalab 100 - ICP etching (cryogenic and heated stage)
    • ULVAC NE-550 - Broad etch capability using supermagnetron plasma and heated stage
    • Unaxis Versaline ICP - III-V etching (heated stage)

    Bosch Process ICP

    • (2x) PlasmaTherm VLN - Silicon DRIE
    • PlasmaTherm 770 - Silicon DRIE
    • Unaxis VLR 700 - PM1 - Silicon DRIE

    Ion Milling

    • 4-Wave Ion-mill (Argon Ion Milling)
      • Multi-wafer, multi-angle system
      • Configured for reactive milling
      • SIMS endpoint detection

    Vapor Phase Etching

    • Xactix - Xenon difluoride isotropic Si etching
    • Primaxx - Vapor phase HF etching

    Wet Etching

    • 15 wet decks
    • Wafer clean
    • Organic strip
    • Dielectric etch
    • Anisotropic and isotropic silicon etch
    • III-V etch
    • II-VI etch
    • Metal etch
    • Lift-Off
    • PZT etch




    • Tystar MiniTytan Furnace Stack (three tubes) - Gate Oxide, Oxidation and Anneal
    • IVI High Temp Furnace - High temperature anneals (<1800º C)


    • Karl Suss SB8 - Wafer-to-Wafer anodic, eutectic, thermo-compression and fusion pre-bond
    • Karl Suss MA8/SB8 and Karl Suss MA6/BA6 - Wafer-to-Wafer align & pre-bond
    • EVG IR Inspection - Wafer-to-Wafer bond inspection

    Rapid Thermal Anneal

    • AW810 - RTA up to 1250 C on 200 mm wafers w/susceptors for 50 - 150 mm
    • AG 410 Heat Pulse - III-V material systems RTA
    • AG 610 Heat Pulse - Oxide and nitride RTA




    • Zeiss Auriga - Field Emission SEM
    • EDAX EDS - Extension on Zeiss Auriga SEM
    • Olympus LEXT - Laser scanning confocal microscope
    • Microscopes - Multiple device/lithography/mask inspection tools
    • Compumetrics Inspection Microscope - Line Width measurement

    Film Thickness

    • J.A. Woollam M2000F - Multi- wavelength / Multi-Angle ellipsometer
    • J.A. Woollam M2000VI - 370 to1690 nm
    • Nanometrics 3000 PHX Nanospec - Resist/Oxide thickness

    Step Height

    • KLA-Tencor P-15 - Surface profilometer
    • KLA-Tencor Alpha Step IQ - Surface profilometer

    Thin Film Stress Measurement

    • Toho FLX 2320-S - Stress measurement, -65 C to 500 C

    Electrical Measurements

    • 4Dimensions 280SI Four Point Probe - Resistivity measurements
    • Probe Stations - In-process electrical characterization

    Additional Capabilities

    • Available inside the cleanroom:
      • SEM with EDS mapping
      • XRD with powder, high resolution, XRR, grazing angle measurements at temperatures up to 1000 C with up to 150 mm wafer mapping
    • Extensive additional facilities on site (outside of the cleanroom) including:
      • Multiple AFMs
      • Multiple SEMs including an Environmental SEM, and capabilities for Cathode Luminescence, and STEM
      • TEM
      • X-ray diffraction
      • Auger Spectroscopy
      • XPS with C60 depth profiling

      Additional Available Capabilities Outside the Cleanroom

      Enabling the entire device lifecycle under one roof and one agreement.

      Additional Capabilities

      Design and Simulation

      • Expertise, CAD and FEA

      Specialty Materials

      • Carbon Nanotube and Graphene furnaces
      • Molecular Beam Epitaxy deposition chambers (7)
      • MetalOrganic Chemical Vapor Deposition systems (3)
      • Biomolecule evaporation


      • Packaging & Backend Processing
      • Dicing, grinding/lapping, die-attach, wirebonding
      • Flipchip bonding
      • Electroplating


      • Comprehensive unique testing facilities

Last Update / Reviewed: February 11, 2011