Bach and front picture of a Clusterline 200 Sputter System
  • Piece Part to 150mm wafers (limited 200mm capability)
  • Single wafer to low volume prototyping runs
  • Materials include Silicon, Polysilicon, Metals, Dielectrics, Silicon Carbide, III-V, II-VI, PZT, AlN, Pyrex, Quartz, GaN, MerCadTel, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and others
  • III-V and II-VI Materials Growth, Microanalysis, and Device Testing Facilities also located at various on-site departments
  • Full Suite of Processing Capability:
    • Lithography: high resolution e-beam direct write; optical pattern mask generation; contact lithography; i-line 5x stepper; dry mask etcher; automated resist deposition, bake and develop; spray resist coating; manual resist processing
    • Etch: Bosch DRIE (two chambers); XeF2 isotropic etch; advanced oxide ICP; metal ICP; dielectric ICP and RIE etching; ion milling; quartz/pyrex ICP; PZT ICP; III-V ICP (two chambers); vapor HF etch; multiple general purpose ICP and RIE systems with wide range of gases
    • Deposition: Atomic Layer Deposition, Sputtering (four systems, metals, dielectrics and piezoelectrics, reactive sputtering); Sol-Gel PZT; Evaporation (three systems, metals and dielectrics, ion gun for reactive deposition and film stress modification); PECVD and HDCVD (two systems, oxide/nitride), LPCVD (nitride, polysilicon, LTO)
    • Thermal: Wet/Dry Thermal Oxidation, high (up to 1800 C) and Low Temperature Anneals, Rapid Thermal Anneals
    • Wafer Bonding: Anodic, Fusion, Eutectic
    • Process Control: Wafer bow/thin film stress, Profilometery, 4-Pt Probe, Probe Station, Ellipsometery, Spectrophotometry, Line-Width Inspection, SEM
  • Back-end processing (adjacent to the cleanroom):
    • Dicing
    • Packaging
    • Wirebonding
    • Wafer thinning

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Last Update / Reviewed: February 11, 2011