Zahl Physical Sciences Laboratory

Access may consist of providing physical access for your personnel to the lab, or having existing experienced lab members perform work on your behalf.

  • Government organizations
    • On-site access through a memorandum of agreement
    • Direct ARL staff fabrication support
    • Commercial fabrication support through the MEMS Exchange
  • Industrial and Academic partners
    • On-site access through CRADAs
    • ARL staff design and fabrication support through a Test Service Agreement
    • Commercial fabrication support through the MEMS Exchange

For further information on the SEMASC facility and its capabilities, please send your request to:

The MEMS Exchange does device design and fabrication through a network of commercial, academic and government foundries. ARL is the only government fabrication facility included in network. For further information regarding the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange, you can go to their web site (external to ARL) at


Last Update / Reviewed: February 11, 2011