ARO Visitor Information

Visits to ARO by US and non-US citizens must be sponsored by an ARO employee and coordinated by their sponsor with the ARO Security Office prior to the visitor's anticipated arrival. All visitors will be escorted by their sponsor while at the facility except for those DoD military, DoD civilian, and DoD contractor personnel who have undergone at least a National Agency Check (NAC) type personnel security investigation.

Click on the link Visit ARO to obtain information in the following areas:

  • Visits by DoD Military, Civilian and Contractor Personnel
  • Visits by US Citizen University Researchers
  • Visits by Non-US Citizen University Researchers

Please contact the ARO Security Officer, Scott Petty, at 919-549-4356 or by e-mail at scott.r.petty.civ@mail.mil if you need additional information regarding ARO's visitor control procedures.


Last Update / Reviewed: December 28, 2017