xTechSearch 3

xTechSearch 3 is planning for the Proof-of-Concept Demonstrations at the AUSA Global Force Symposium from March 17-19, 2020. The 12 finalists are:

Company NameTopicTechnology Description

Anti-Rotational Technologies Inc.

SALUS Stabilizing Aerial Loads Utility SystemSALUS is an operationally unobtrusive reaction-wheel stabilization assembly suited for harsh environments.

Cayuga Biotech, Inc.

NanostasisTMIV Therapy to Treat Battlefield Hemorrhage

Cayuga's technology is an injectable drug that accelerates clotting to reduce blood loss following injury. The drug is stable for battlefield use and can be delivered in the same packaging that combat medics currently use to treat injured soldiers. 90 percent of combat fatalities occur prior to hospital arrival. Cayuga’s proprietary technology will reduce deaths by improving treatment on the battlefield.

ElectroNucleics Inc.

Point-of-Care Pathogen Detection in Minutes

The pathogen detection technology of ElectroNucleics consists of a unique, electrochemical nucleic acid-based assay that is rapid, inexpensive, amplification-free, optics-free and highly sensitive.

GhostWave Inc.

Counter UAS Clandestine Perimeter Monitoring with RF Noise Radar

The technology is radars that are stealthy, with low probability of detection, low probability of intercept and anti-jamming. This is done by using a random noise generator to produce and transmit the RF signals. The transmitted signals are stored in a high-speed memory. At different range gates, the signal is compared to what is detected by the receivers. The data is processed on board.

Knight Technical Solutions, LLC

Fixed Displacement Turbine FDTThe Fixed Displacement Turbine engine is a constant rotation, fixed displacement, high compression, power dense, and energy efficient engine. Its design is based on a twin-screw compressor joined to a twin-screw expander with a precision engineered rotary valving. The FDT’s simple design lends itself to burn multiple fuel, and it is highly scalable, reliable, sustainable and effective engine.
LiquidPiston, Inc.LiquidPiston High Efficiency Auxiliary Power LEAP UnitLiquidPiston’s rotary X-engine technology is 1/10th the size and weight of traditional Diesel engines, and 30 percent more efficient. The company proposes to apply this engine for FTUAS and FVL, as an efficient primary / supplementary power unit for aircraft.

Merciless Motors

New and Improved Electric Motor Technology

Merciless Motors is developing a new improved electric motor that is 50 percent lighter, 33 percent smaller and ~5-10 percent more efficient than current electric motors with the same power output. This can provide longer range and better performance to vehicles all at a lower cost.

SIGINT Systems, LLCCompact Sensor for HF Signal Collection and DF

SIGINT Systems, LLC is developing innovative SIGINT solutions combining techniques from various fields of signal collection and processing. Their system development expertise allows them to design scalable and configurable open standards architecture systems, which allow the user the maximum flexibility in meeting their mission requirements.

Syncopated Engineering

Mocking Bird RF Decoy

Syncopated Engineering’s Mockingbird RF decoy emulates multiple “radio personalities” to deceive and confuse the adversary at a fraction of the cost of the high-value assets (people and equipment) it has been designed to protect.


Next Generation Lithium Ion Batteries for Portable Military Applications

TexPower offers lithium ion battery cathode materials with 10 percent higher energies and 25 percent lower costs while eliminating the use of cobalt.

TRX Systems, Inc.

Dismount GPS-Denied and NAVWAR Threat Detection

TRX Systems will deliver NEON, a low SWaP, easy to use assured PNT device that provides position/navigation when satellite technology is unavailable or unreliable. NEON detects spoofing and jamming events and delivers continuous location during such incidents and delivers 3D personnel location indoors and underground.


The Next Step in Injury Prevention: Field-Capable GRF Measurement Systems

XO-NANO takes lab-quality gait analysis out of the lab and into the real world with a field-ready ground reaction force measurement system. XO-NANO’s technology creates the potential for an unprecedented study of the forces experienced by the lower extremities. This data provides and essential first step in the diagnosis and prevention of injuries to the lower extremities.

xTechSearch 4

xTechSearch 4 is planning for the Innovators’ Corner at the AUSA Global Force Symposium from March 17-19, 2020. The semifinalists are:

Company NameTopicTechnology Description

Battle Sight Technologies

NightFallBattle Sight has developed Falling Saber, a patent pending technology that combines a lightweight, low profile hardware form factor with proprietary software to deliver real-time positional data from the moment assets leave the aircraft until they are covertly recovered on the ground.

Bounce Imaging

Bounce Recce 360 – Thermal Integration

Teams facing immediate dangers need a low-cost and easy-to-deploy system to gain vital information to keep themselves and civilians safer. As a tactical throwable camera, Bounce Imaging’s device captures full-360 panoramic video and audio and transmits it in real time. The panoramic video is stabilized, ensuring the camera does not need a specific up-direction.

DroneShield, LLC

Airborne UAS Detection: RF Spectrum Learning Recognition

DroneShield's comprehensive counter-UAS protection ranges from man-portable and vehicle-mounted solutions, to temporary and mobile units, to permanently installed enterprise systems that have the capacity to secure areas as large as entire cities.



This technology integrates well known computational features of video with artificial intelligence (AI) to develop state of the art video quality assessment metrics. A computational workflow based on AI is proposed to automatically compute a VNIIRS rating for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) video.

Flite Material Sciences US, Inc.

Self-Protecting SurfacesFLITE is bringing the emerging science of surface functionalization to commercial and military use. FLITE’s patented techniques protect everyday materials from rust, ice, and fouling, without using temporary and toxic coatings. The challenge may be aircraft icing, sterile medical instruments, water treatment or field sensors; FLITE’s method works on almost any material.
GeneCapture, Inc.Rapid Portable Infection DetectionGeneCapture's portable rapid infection diagnostic identifies the genetic signature of the pathogen using direct RNA hybridization.


AI-Built Real-World Synthetic Environments for Training and Mission Planning

Geopipe's powerful AI-driven technology builds 3D maps and 3D environments of the real world. Geopipe's technology automatically labels every object in the real world from sensor and reconnaissance data, understanding what’s in the world, not just how it looks. It generates instantly usable 3D maps and 3D models ready for simulation, training, and mission planning.

Inductive VenturesMagnetic Braking and Electric Taxi for Helicopters

Inductive Ventures' active magnetic brake design provides magnetic braking and electric taxi capabilities to the rotorcraft. Inductive Ventures' braking system is a direct replacement for the carbon/steel brake that is currently used onboard and will fit within the existing spaces. This active braking solution provides the rotorcraft the ability to not only brake the aircraft but also taxi the aircraft in arduous environments without the use of the main rotor.

IoT/AI, Inc.

Edge as a Service – Radio+Analytics for Internet and Battlefield Things

IoT/AI provides an “edge as a service” system that is easy to deploy and will provision real-time monitoring, data collection, AI/ML distribution, collaboration, and decision support. The edge platform supports over 4000 sensors and is an unmatched combination of tactical radio, edge computing, sensor integration, and edge AI/ML into a COTS-based, MIL-SPEC certified, and A2/AD resistant system.


Deployable Wound Care Products Mitigating Infection

KeriCure's nanopolymer wound care products provide immediate protection against bacteria, dirt, and germs in a simple to use, spray on format. KeriCure’s low-cost, durable, waterproof barriers seal any size and shape wound and protect throughout healing. Additionally, the nanosilver barrier products have added broad spectrum antimicrobial coverage that’s non-resistance forming, providing an all-in-one burn and wound care solution that works.

LumiShield Technologies, Inc.

Lumidize: Non-toxic Metal Pretreatments for Paint Adhesion and Corrosion Resistance

Lumidize: Non-toxic Metal Pretreatments for Paint Adhesion and CorrLumiShield's first product, Lumidize®, is an aluminum oxide coating for metals that improves both paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. This coating will displace the use of phosphate and chromate treatments on metal surfaces as to improve sustainability of coatings in military and commercial applications without loss of performance or increased cost.

LynQ Technologies, Inc.

LynQ Smart Compass: Personnel and Asset Locator

LynQ is a lightweight, low-cost, RF quiet, and jamming resistant standalone location device with a carabiner that improves situational awareness and squad vector logic/ formation, and allows operators to tag/track/locate anyone or anything for miles like a sixth sense– no networks, apps, phones, or maps required.

MEI Micro, Inc.

Tactical/Navigation Grade MEMs IMU Technology Platform

MEI Micro has developed a proprietary 3DS (3D System) MEMS fabrication platform that enables designs of high performance, lowest cost inertial sensors (as well as other MEMs sensors) that can be scaled to provide tactical, near-navigation, and navigation performance while meeting crucial size, durability, and cost requirements for Low CSWaP.

Multiscale Systems, Inc.

Protect the Protectors with Lighter and Stronger MetaCORE Materials

Mechanical meta-materials are a next-generation class of structured materials with greater performance metrics on energy-absorption, vibration control, and reduced mass density. Multiscale System, Inc.’s technology is directly applicable to the development of Soldier protective systems including Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) crush tubes, long-range missiles impact mitigation, load footprint reduction in aircraft, and mid-sized Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS).

NeuroFlow, Inc.

Soldier Psychological Well-being

NeuroFlow is a self-service tool that allows Soldiers to engage with behavioral health resources and evidence-based content providing more efficient access and engagement. Automated pathways and population risk stratification allow Soldiers to get the right care in a timely manner to improve psychological well-being.

NanoSystems Laboratory (nLAB)

Diamond-Based Electronics for Next Generation Military Systems

Monolithical integration of lab-grown diamonds into state-of-the-art semiconductor devices boosts their effective thermal conductivity, resulting in a self-cooling of the active layers. Therefore, the devices can be run at lower temperatures and higher power densities, with better packing factor and longer lifetime/longevity.

Novaa, Ltd

Next Generation SATCOM

Novaa has developed an ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna capability, enabling multi-band operation across the C, X, Ku, and Ka SATCOM bands. Based on COTS components, this low-cost solution powers high bandwidth, multi-functional operations, replacing numerous separate antenna systems with a single, low-profile aperture conformal to operational platforms.

Passenger, Inc.

MEMS Deep Immersion XR Glasses

Passenger addresses four major flaws of all current AR/VR hardware, including image lag, narrow field of view, lack of depth perception, and bulky headset designs. We do this by miniaturizing a scanning system that is no larger than a grain of rice, and project lag free, ultra-wide field, full focal depth images directly onto the retina.

Primal Space Systems

Transforming 3D Reconnaissance Data into Geospatial Intelligence

3D Tiles Nav is an open source software technology for rapidly processing and disseminating 3D reconnaissance data acquired in complex, densely-occluded operating environments. The process results in a navigation-centric restructuring of massive 3D geospatial data sets which enables more efficient data delivery over bandwidth-constrained tactical networks.

Vita Inclinata Technologies

Next Generation Autonomous Hoist Rescue Stabilization Systems

Vita Inclinata's Load Stability System (LSS) Platform is an active suspended load stabilization device that addresses lack of payload stability in the global helicopter and crane marketplace. At a high level, the LSS senses the environment, fuses the data through Vita’s proprietary stabilization algorithm, then articulates high performance electric ducted fans to counteract all motion the suspended hoist cable undergoes. Vita Inclinata is configuring solutions for the military Search and Rescue (SAR) and helicopter external cargo mission sets.

xTechSearch 5

xTechSearch 5 is accepting white paper submissions through March 31, 2020.