xTechSearch 3.0

xTechSearch 3.0 is planning for Phase IV Proof-of-Concept Demonstrations at the 2020 AUSA Global Force Symposium from March 17-19, 2020. The 12 finalists participating in Phase IV are:

Company NameTopicTechnology Description

Anti-Rotational Technologies Inc.

SALUS Stabilizing Aerial Loads Utility SystemSALUS is an operationally unobtrusive reaction-wheel stabilization assembly suited for harsh environments.

Cayuga Biotech, Inc.

NanostasisTM IV Therapy to Treat Battlefield Hemorrhage

Cayuga's technology is an injectable drug that accelerates clotting to reduce blood loss following injury. The drug is stable for battlefield use and can be delivered in the same packaging that combat medics currently use to treat injured soldiers. 90 percent of combat fatalities occur prior to hospital arrival. Cayuga’s proprietary technology will reduce deaths by improving treatment on the battlefield.

ElectroNucleics Inc.

Point-of-Care Pathogen Detection in Minutes

The pathogen detection technology of ElectroNucleics consists of a unique, electrochemical nucleic acid-based assay that is rapid, inexpensive, amplification-free, optics-free and highly sensitive.

GhostWave Inc.

Counter UAS Clandestine Perimeter Monitoring with RF Noise Radar

The technology is radars that are stealthy, with low probability of detection, low probability of intercept and anti-jamming. This is done by using a random noise generator to produce and transmit the RF signals. The transmitted signals are stored in a high-speed memory. At different range gates, the signal is compared to what is detected by the receivers. The data is processed on board.

Knight Technical Solutions, LLC

Fixed Displacement Turbine FDTThe Fixed Displacement Turbine engine is a constant rotation, fixed displacement, high compression, power dense, and energy efficient engine. Its design is based on a twin-screw compressor joined to a twin-screw expander with a precision engineered rotary valving. The FDT’s simple design lends itself to burn multiple fuel, and it is highly scalable, reliable, sustainable and effective engine.
LiquidPiston, Inc.LiquidPiston High Efficiency Auxiliary Power LEAP UnitLiquidPiston’s rotary X-engine technology is 1/10th the size and weight of traditional Diesel engines, and 30 percent more efficient. The company proposes to apply this engine for FTUAS and FVL, as an efficient primary / supplementary power unit for aircraft.

Merciless Motors

New and Improved Electric Motor Technology

Merciless Motors is developing a new improved electric motor that is 50 percent lighter, 33 percent smaller and ~5-10 percent more efficient than current electric motors with the same power output. This can provide longer range and better performance to vehicles all at a lower cost.

SIGINT Systems, LLCCompact Sensor for HF Signal Collection and DF

SIGINT Systems, LLC is developing innovative SIGINT solutions combining techniques from various fields of signal collection and processing. Their system development expertise allows them to design scalable and configurable open standards architecture systems, which allow the user the maximum flexibility in meeting their mission requirements.

Syncopated Engineering

Mocking Bird RF Decoy

Syncopated Engineering’s Mockingbird RF decoy emulates multiple “radio personalities” to deceive and confuse the adversary at a fraction of the cost of the high-value assets (people and equipment) it has been designed to protect.


Next Generation Lithium Ion Batteries for Portable Military Applications

TexPower offers lithium ion battery cathode materials with 10 percent higher energies and 25 percent lower costs while eliminating the use of cobalt.

TRX Systems, Inc.

Dismount GPS-Denied and NAVWAR Threat Detection

TRX Systems will deliver NEON, a low SWaP, easy to use assured PNT device that provides position/navigation when satellite technology is unavailable or unreliable. NEON detects spoofing and jamming events and delivers continuous location during such incidents and delivers 3D personnel location indoors and underground.


The Next Step in Injury Prevention: Field-Capable GRF Measurement Systems

XO-NANO takes lab-quality gait analysis out of the lab and into the real world with a field-ready ground reaction force measurement system. XO-NANO’s technology creates the potential for an unprecedented study of the forces experienced by the lower extremities. This data provides and essential first step in the diagnosis and prevention of injuries to the lower extremities.

xTechSearch 4.0

The Phase I white paper submission period is closed for xTechSearch 4.0. The companies selected to move on to Phase II will be notified by December 20, 2019.