xTechSearch 1

The xTechSearch 1 winner Adranos, Inc. was announced at the Association of the U.S. Army’s Global Force Symposium and Exposition in March 2019.
The 12 small business finalists are listed below:

Company NameTopicTechnology Description

Adranos, Inc.

High Performance, Clean Solid Rocket PropellantA cost-effective solid rocket propellant called ALITEC that increases in ballistic missiles range against other propellant-based projectiles by up to 40 percent.

Aeronics, Inc.

Adsorbent-Enabled Portable Medical Gas Supply Systems

Lightweight and portable oxygen systems for defense systems. Their entry application is an oxygen supply for canine HALO units.

Blacksand Technologies

High Performance Low Cost Titanium for Army Transportation and Weapon Systems

Hydrogen Sintering and Phase Transformation (HSPT) that produces a Ti-6Al-4V alloy with wrought-like microstructures and mechanical properties, resulting in a near-net-shape (NNS) component fabrication processes for manufacturing structural components at large scale.

Cuberg, Inc.

Ultra-Lightweight and Safe Lithium Metal Batteries

Demonstrated performance and maturity of a battery technology by putting it through an extremely demanding use case. A flying quadcopter requires both exceptional specific energy and power, and a Cuberg-powered quadcopter will not only take off but fly for longer than one powered by the best lithium-ion batteries in the world.


Automated Full Motion Video to Dynamic 3D Maps for AnalyticsTechnology that takes the wide variety of video formats and collection methodologies used across the DOD and ensuring that all collections can be fed into the Hivemapper platform for 3D mapping and analytics across mission sets to rapidly answer the questions posed by users around the world.
HyperdyneHypernet: A decentralized data platformHypernet, a secure code/algorithm deployment platform and a highly scalable parallel programming API based on the principle of distributed average consensus. This platform can be leveraged to deploy ML/AI algorithms to in-network data to extract insights without the need for data centralization.


All-Weather, Solid-State LIDAR

A 3D sensor in that can perform in harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and hail. The sensor will significantly enhance autonomous operation of the Army’s combat vehicles, supply vehicles, and other robotic platforms.

Notch Inc.Tunable Notch panels and anti-jamming

A tunable Notch panel and anti-jamming protection.

Sempulse, Inc.

Sempulse Triage Solution

A non-invasive vital signs sensor that adheres to the back of the ear and acquires patients’ 5 major vital signs. This is industry’s first cuff-less tool for measuring blood pressure, pulse oximetry, heart rate, respiratory rate, and core body temperature, plus GPS and a wealth of additional information.

TangiTek, LLC

MF-RAM: Ultra-light, thin, tunable, and broadband magnetic flocked Carbon Fiber composite Radar Absorbing Materials

A project focused on utilizing an ultralight, thin, nonwoven, high performance, magnetically loaded flocked carbon fiber composite radar absorbing material MF-RAM for electromagnetic signature reduction of soldier operational equipment systems e.g. helmets, armor vest, and asset covers – to provide detection avoidance, tactical concealment, enhanced survivability, and improved soldier protection.

Wildspark Tecnologies, LLC

Propellerless Vertical Lift

A concept to enable drones and other small air vehicles to lift off and move without propellers. This eliminates the risk of propeller contact injuries and may have further applications in the emerging air taxi market.

Wiser Systems, Inc.

Situational Awareness with WISER RRLT

A system to translate granular local positioning into GPS coordinates, enabling continuous positioning, location, and asset visibility even in occluded environments where GPS would not ordinarily function. This system will support resilient mission command and navigation assurance by giving both remote and onsite commanders real-time visibility of any critical asset.

xTechSearch 2

The xTechSearch 2 winner Lumineye, Inc. was announced at the AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 16, 2019.
The 12 Small Business finalists are listed below:

Company NameTopicTechnology Description

AKHAN Seminconductor, Inc.

Diamond + FGO Protective Coatings for Army AviationAKHAN has developed its Miraj Diamond® technology for protective coatings intended for directed energy and electromagnetic weaponry applications, addressing future vertical lift Army modernization priorities. Diamond’s multi-layer materials can broadly be applied for the protection of both optically transparent & opaque surfaces on aircraft canopies, sensor windows, & other sensitive structures.

Cogitari, Inc.

Secure Wireless Communications with RF Monitoring

The R-DAS has capabilities for delivering secure wireless communications while detecting and locating threats to network/data security.

Great Lakes Sound and Vibration, Inc.

Active Noise Control System for Ground Vehicles

Great Lakes Sound and Vibration (GLSV) has developed an active noise cancellation (ANC) system that provides noise reduction capabilities in military ground vehicles beyond current state of the art. The ANC system has been developed as an add-on feature, providing the unique ability to treat noise issues late in the vehicle development cycle, which is a critical asset to new vehicle programs.

Halomine, Inc.

Next Generation Wound Therapeutics

Halomine’s products include next-generation wound management materials (dressings) that deliver these advantages: potent and safe antimicrobial agents that prevent biofilm formation and kill dangerous drug-resistant bacteria, hemostatic properties that stop bleeding quickly, and advanced material properties that promote faster and better wound healing.

Lumineye, Inc.

Man-Portable Wall Penetrating RadarLumineye’s radar device detects moving and still people from more than 10 meters away. The device weighs less than a kilogram and is manpackable.
MELD Manufacturing CorporationBattlefield Deployable Additive Manufacturing TechnologyA technology that can be used at the point of need: repair or build with MELD anywhere because it is open atmosphere, safe, low power, makes wrought fully dense material, and is the only metal additive process that lets you use practically any metal, in solid bar or powder form. These unique advantages are because with MELD, you don’t melt the metal.

Novaa Ltd.

Anti-Jam, Anti-Spoof and Multipath-Resilient GPS Antenna

Antenna technology providing protected access to GPS. Uncontested access to GPS-based PNT cannot be assumed. Operators face near-constant threat of denial (jamming), degraded accuracy due to buildings or terrain (multipath), and manipulation with faked signals (spoofing). Novaa’s antenna platform provides impervious access to GPS signals, suppressing unwanted jamming, spoofing, and multipath.

Olifant MedicalImproving Airway Management with Smarter Stylet Technology

Consistent and rapid first-pass success is essential during airway management in order to avoid life threatening complications, yet many clinicians still struggle to achieve this goal. Olifant medical has identified the anatomic and ergonomic factors that interfere with successful tracheal intubation and has designed a stylet technology that overcomes these barriers.

Spark Thermionics, Inc.

Silent, Lightweight, Multifuel Thermionic Generators

Thermionic devices, which form the core of Spark's generator. These devices directly convert heat to electricity for true fuel flexibility, relying on modern materials and wafer fabrication techniques to leap-frog competing approaches and enable novel capabilities.

United Aircraft Technologies, Inc.

Augmented Reality Monitoring System for Aircraft Wiring (ARMS)

A smart interconnecting clamp with a 3D visualization system to provide maintenance crews wiring fault localization. Uses wireless sensing technology to help expand the utilization of Augmented Reality to beyond all electrical wiring maintenance. The anticipated benefits will apply equally to aircraft weight savings and reduction of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

Valley Tech Systems, Inc.

Valley Tech Systems Active Nozzle Propulsion System Technology

Valley Tech Systems’ innovative active nozzle concept applies controllable solid propulsion technology to modernizing Army rockets. This all-in-one axial propulsion system with integral thrust vectoring can extend range, improve precision and reduce cost. Initial trade studies for a sample application indicate a 53 percent increase in lethal range and a 70 percent decrease in turning radius.

Vidrovr, Inc.

Large Scale Computer Vision Systems for Visual Intelligence

A high bandwidth, source agnostic machine-learning/computer-vision system to detect and link valuable intelligence from online, broadcast and other sources of PAI and FMV. It creates a knowledge-graph off these features which allows for various applications in 2nd generation machine inference. It is funded by the NSF, the Air Force and is a potential performer on DARPA SEMAFOR.