Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI)

The MURI program is a tri-service Department of Defense program that supports research teams whose research efforts intersect more than one traditional science and engineering discipline. A multidisciplinary team effort can accelerate research progress in areas particularly suited to this approach by cross- fertilization of ideas, can hasten the transition of basic research findings to practical applications, and can help to train students in science and/or engineering in areas of importance to DOD.

In contrast with single investigator programs, MURI supports centers whose efforts intersect more than one traditional research specialty, typically at one and a quarter million dollars per year for five years (three years increment plus two year options). Such “critical mass” efforts are expected to enable more rapid R&D breakthroughs and to promote eventual transition to Army applications.

New technical areas are defined for each year’s new starts. The MURI program applies substantial resources to exploit noteworthy advances reported out of single investigator programs.

Evaluations of MURI proposals are done according to a very careful peer review process. The Army Research Office in North Carolina represents the Army’s portion of the MURI program.