Technology Transfer

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Army Research Laboratory Technology Transfer Program has four purposes:

  1. To promote and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge and capabilities between DEVCOM ARL and industry, academia, and local and foreign governments through cooperative enterprise
  2. To support international exchange, shared and cooperative research, equipment loans, and leverage research on a global scale
  3. To identify, protect, and license DEVCOM ARL technologies that have applications in the commercial, as well as military, sectors.
  4. To assist industry by providing access to DEVCOM ARL’s unique facilities and expertise via fee-based testing services

The DEVCOM ARL Technology Transfer (T2) Office promotes and supports the transfer of DEVCOM ARL-developed Intellectual Property from the laboratory to the private sector, through the establishment of strategic partnerships and promotion of research opportunities, facilities, and capabilities, for the benefit of both DEVCOM ARL and the nation. Many of DEVCOM ARL’s innovative technologies are available for exclusive licensing, often at competitive rates, and the T2 Office works to find entrepreneurs, businesses, and technologists to transition these technologies to the commercial market.


Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

The Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) is a collaborative agreement to perform collaborative research and development consistent with the federal laboratory mission with academic, industrial, not-for-profit and nonfederal government parties. The Federal Lab can provide materials, equipment, access to facilities and expertise, but not funding, to the CRADA partner. The CRADA partner can provide the same plus funding (not required) to a Federal Lab.

Patent License Agreement

A Patent Licensing Agreement (PLA) is how DEVCOM ARL makes federally funded inventions from basic and applied research available to the private sector, or industry, for commercialization of new product development and sales. Licenses are a means of achieving wider use of inventions created by DEVCOM ARL scientists.

Software Release Agreement

A Software Release Agreement (SRA) is an agreement by which DEVCOM ARL has agreed to the release of ARL software to the external government organization and documents the considerations which may limit the scope and usage of software, control access to software, as well as identify modification and enhancement rights.

Test Services Agreements

A Test Service Agreement (TSA) allows DEVCOM ARL to test materials, equipment, models, computer software and other technologies on behalf of an outside party. DoD laboratories and/or technical activities have unique technical and other capabilities that may be of benefit to non-Federal organization and are not commercially available. A TSA is not appropriate for collaborative technical or research efforts, nor does it authorize the sale of products only services.

Partnership Intermediary Agreement

A Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) is an agreement with a non-profit partnership intermediary to engage academia and industry on behalf of DEVCOM ARL to accelerate technology transfer, transition and licensing; to promote cooperative activities between Army Labs and state/local governments; and to provide services for increase success of technology-related assistance to small business firms and educational institutions.