Foundational Research Competencies

Biological and Biotechnology Sciences

Biological related disciplines, including synthetic biology, biological materials, biological/abiological interfaces, and biological effect

Electromagnetic Spectrum Sciences

Novel approaches to sensing and operating across the entire electromagnetic (EM) environment; counter-sensing across the EM spectrum; protection from EM effects; emerging concepts for RF, radars, and EW

Energy Sciences

Science of mechanical and electrical power generation, storage, conditioning and distribution; energy conversion; and emerging concepts for lasers, DE, DE protection and propagation

Humans in Complex Systems

Multi-disciplinary non-medical approaches to understand and modify the potential of humans situated in and interacting within complex social, technological, and socio-technical systems

Mechanical Sciences

Science of novel mechanics, mechanisms and control to enable manned/unmanned ground and air vehicle concepts

Military Information Sciences

Underpinning sciences, physical autonomy and enablers required to provide timely, mission-aware information to humans and systems at speed and scale for all-domain and coalition operations

Network, Cyber, and Computational Sciences

Sciences to enable and ensure secure resilient communication networks for distributed analytics in multi-domain operations

Photonics, Electronics, and Quantum Sciences

Materials (and related manufacturing methods) and devices intended for achieving photonic, electronic, and quantum-based effects

Sciences of Extreme Materials

Materials and related manufacturing methods focusing on mechanical response and performance extremes, including active, adaptive, and flexible/soft materials; novel manufacturing science for energetic materials

Terminal Effects

Sciences and applied research of weapon target interactions

Weapons Sciences

Internal, transitional and external ballistics; launch, flight, control and navigation of guided weapons and aerial systems; development of novel weapon concepts