Research Core Competencies

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) - the Army's corporate research laboratory - traces its lineage back to the Watertown Arsenal, established in 1820 as the Army's first scientific research facility. As the Army Futures Command's (AFC) single corporate laboratory, ARL concentrates on scientific discovery, innovation, and transition of technological developments. The S&T program is building on this proud legacy by driving the discoveries and innovations which will be critical to realizing new capabilities for the Army of 2030 and beyond.

The overarching goal of the ARL Technical Strategy is to provide the vision, key technical focus areas, and principal transition pathways which are essential in assuring the continued strategic land power dominance of the United States Army. This technical strategy is focused on exploring, better understanding, maturing, and exploiting S&T developments leading to Power Projection Superiority, Information Supremacy, Lethality and Protection Superiority, and Soldier Performance Augmentation - the technological cornerstones that will ensure the future Army's dominance of its operational environment.

ARL's Technical Strategy highlights a coordinated and synchronized S&T campaign framework guiding the essential S&T efforts that will provide the future Army with the capabilities to conduct prompt, sustained, and synchronized operations with a force customized to the mission and poised to prosecute both combat and noncombat missions in all functional domains - air, ground, maritime, space, and cyberspace. Central to this construct are eight S&T campaigns focused on:

  • Basic Research
  • Computational Sciences
  • Materials & Manufacturing Sciences
  • Propulsion Sciences
  • Network & Information Sciences
  • Ballistic Sciences
  • Human Sciences
  • Protection Sciences

Last Update / Reviewed: October 27, 2014