Energy and Propulsion

Energy Storage for Mobility

Applied research centers on energy storage systems that can be integrated into platforms, Soldiers, and base camps as part on an integral energy system. Energy storage is ubiquitous in Army maneuver efforts, and therefore improved energy storage is an unending challenge. As a Maneuver taxonomy category, Energy Storage for Mobility relies on fundamental research in electrochemistry and energy storage synthesis inherent in the Materials Research Campaign. Storage systems enable unique platform operational capabilities; allow improved energy efficiency in platforms and at base camps; and enable extended operations of dismounted Soldiers.

Power/Energy Conversion

focused on pursuing the technology necessary to facilitate a motive force and to enable all the systems of a platform as a function of the energy stored in the original source – the fuel or propellant. The available forms of energy during a mission must be converted into kinetic energy and electrical power, and reconverted to other forms of energy. This area also focuses on devices and systems for Soldier energy recharging, and enables the use of renewable energy.

  • Combustion Science
  • Multi-phase Fuel Dynamics
  • Compact Power Generation
  • Turbine and Hybrid Vehicular Power Generation

Distribution and Transfer

Focuses on applied research for transmitting and conditioning energy and power into forms for individual systems and components. For mechanical systems, this includes the drive train of the platform; and for electrical systems, this includes switches, converters, inverters and other devices to control and conditioning energy into precise waveforms, frequencies, and voltages for platform mission equipment. For electrical systems, the Materials Research Campaign provides fundamental finding to the Sciences-for-Maneuver Campaign; the Sciences-for-Maneuver Campaign, in turn, provides underlying support to the Sciences for Lethality and Protection Campaign and Information Sciences Campaign as they interface with platforms.

  • Tribological Physics
  • Active Power Transmission Research

Intelligent Power

This offers the Army commanders and Soldiers flexibility to achieve multimodal operational flexibility such as efficiency optimization or capability optimization of energy systems. These devices and systems will rely heavily on the Computation Sciences, Information Sciences and Material Research Campaigns for the elemental hardware and software to manage complex energy networks.

  • Soldier and small system energy
  • Platform Electrical Architectures
  • Power enabled Platform Protection
  • Vehicle and Platform Power Integration and Control
  • Base Camp Power Architectures

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015