Logistics and Sustainability


Research focuses on exploring and innovating capabilities and design concepts for durability and fatigue mitigations and preventions that can be used to optimize redundancy for fail safe taking into account reliability metrics, and achieve the "zero-maintenance" goal for Army platform systems, subsystems, and components. The long-term research aims at achieving ultra-high reliability for Army future platforms.

  • Damage Tolerance and Durability
  • Physics of Fatigue
  • Maintenance-Free Systems

Mechanism State Awareness (Health)

Research focuses on discovering, innovating, and transitioning capabilities and design concepts that can be used to enable state-of-the-art self-health diagnostics, inspections and monitoring for platform systems, subsystems, and components. These research efforts include built-in state awareness, prognostics and diagnostics, probabilitics and risk assessment, and load monitoring and regime recognition. The long term goal of this S&T thrust is to enable the development, demonstration, and transition of the Virtual Risk-informed Agile Maneuver Sustainment (VRAMS) technology to substantially reduce the Army sustainment costs and to provide the Army commanders with the capability to plan missions in real time. This concentration area also relies on capabilities in, and leverages the synergetic link to the Information Sciences and Computational Sciences Campaigns.

  • Built-in State Awareness
  • Prognostics and Diagnostics (P&D)
  • Probabilistic and Risk Assessment
  • Load Monitoring & Regime Recognition

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015