Electronic Warfare

Electronic Attack/Protect

Research is dedicated to exploring and conceiving of means and technologies to exploit electro-magnetic energy across the spectrum for effective fires and protection. Electronic attack and protect includes the use of electro-magnetic radiation to analyze, locate, target, illuminate, jam, spoof, disrupt, damage, and their appropriate protection countermeasures against electronics, sensors, electro-optic devices, structures and non lethal technologies against personnel. Research in this area concentrates on solid-state devices which operate across the spectrum from the ultraviolet (UV) to radio frequencies (RF). Cyber technology is not included in this definition of EW.

Historically, the electronic attack approach was to use high power microwaves at close ranges to cause damage and upset effects of electronic targets of interest. While effective in early theater operations, this approach was not sufficiently adaptive to changes in operation tempo. Smart jamming techniques incorporating device forensics is our current approach to electronic attack. This requires an understanding of how to inject or couple RF energy onto a target for either a neutralize or alternative effect. We identify and define waveforms or modulation techniques and validate these effects in our RF chambers.

One challenge is digital RF memory (DRFM). DRFMs pose a threat to our radar assets because it provides an almost perfect return signature. An objective of this program is to identity artifacts from a DRFM signature and devise new radar waveforms that are hardened from the DRFM spoofing.

  • RF Directed Energy
  • Laser Directed Energy
  • Sensor and Eye Laser Protection
  • RF Protection

Last Update / Reviewed: February 5, 2015