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DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory

Our mission is to operationalize science for transformational overmatch.

Who We Are

DEVCOM ARL, as an integral part of the Army Futures Command, is the Army’s foundational research laboratory focused on operationalizing science to ensure overmatch in any future conflict. DEVCOM ARL shapes future concepts with scientific research and knowledge and delivers technology for modernization solutions to win in the future operating environment.

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What We Do

DEVCOM ARL partners across the national security enterprise to deliver fundamentally advantageous change–change that is rooted in the creation and exploitation of scientific knowledge and delivered at the speed of relevance. This research is based on 11 competencies: Biological and Biotechnology Sciences; Electromagnetic Spectrum Sciences; Energy Sciences; Humans in Complex Systems; Mechanical Sciences; Military Information Sciences; Network, Cyber, and Computational Sciences; Photonics, Electronics, and Quantum Sciences; Sciences of Extreme Materials; Terminal Effects; and Weapons Sciences.

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DEVCOM ARL successfully develops and implements a wide variety of programs and mechanisms that enable us to collectively support Army modernization. Learn more about the many ways we partner with other organizations.

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From human sciences to networking, we are always in search of world-class talent ready to provide innovative science and technology to the warfighter. We’re an equal opportunity employer offering student and advanced degree programs, as well as special hiring authority for veteran candidates.

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