Civilian In-Processing

Congratulations on your position with CCDC ARL! This page is designed to provide you with the necessary forms for your civilian appointment to be processed.

If you have been selected for a civil service position with CCDC ARL or a tenant activity, you will need to in-process. In order to process your appointment, you will need to complete in-processing forms. Please click on the In-Processing Forms link below. Print all applicable forms in hard-copy format. Complete and sign each form. Some forms can only be properly viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader due to usage of proprietary features like digital signatures. You will receive a Welcome Letter with instructions as to where and to whom specifically send your completed forms.

All new ARL employees are required to in-process with the organization. In order to process your appointment, you will need to complete the following in-processing forms. Please complete all forms and return to your ARL Onboarding Point of Contact by the suspense date listed in your welcome email.

Required Forms for In-Processing


  • Acceptable Use Policy – Required for access to ARL computer systems. Provides information on allowable activities on the ARL network and computer systems. Please review the policy, complete page 4, sign, and return the form to your ARL Onboarding POC.
  • ARL Form 270 Security and Badging – Required to prepare an Common Access Card, Security Badge, and ID Card for all active duty, reserve component, and retired military personnel, Medical or religious civilian personnel who accompany the Armed Forces, civilian employees of the Department of the Army, and other personnel who regularly require official identification in connection with the business of the Department of the Army. Please complete and return the form to your ARL onboarding POC.

Travel, Training, Education, and Work Schedule

  • Profile Document for the Defense Travel System (DTS) – Only for current government travel card holders. Used to build your DTS profile in order to travel with your current Government travel card. Please complete the form and return to your ARL Onboarding POC.
  • Employee Information System (EIS)/Total Employee Development (TED) – Required for employees to be added to EIS and TED. Please complete the form and return to your ARL Onboarding POC.
  • ARL Form 213 Education – Education, Professional License or Certification and Foreign Language Skills Questionnaire. Applicable to all new employee in-processing. Information is voluntary, but failure to do so may delay the processing of education and training related actions or result in missed training opportunities. Answer all questions that apply, sign, date form on page 6, and return to your ARL onboarding POC.
  • ARL Form 245 Work Schedule Request Form (Optional) – This form is used to designate your work schedule. Please review the ARL Employee Handbook and discuss available options with your new ARL supervisor for assistance with completing the form. Please complete the form, sign, and return to your ARL onboarding POC. You have the option of bringing a copy of the form on your first day of arrival and discussing with your supervisor to complete.

Helpful Information

  • ARL New Employee Handbook – Applicable to ARL civilian and military employees. Provides an ARL overview of the mission, business support operations, and services provided to employees. Additionally, the handbook provides information for employees new to Army, descriptions of flexible work schedules, and benefits to new employees. The handbook can be viewed online, and hard copies may be provided at New Employee Orientation by request.
  • ARL Locations and Visitor Guide Information
  • 2020 Laboratory Demonstration Pay Charts: Applicable to all ARL civilian employees.
  • Personnel Demonstration Project Overview: Applicable to all employees. Highlights the benefits and incentives of being under a pay for performance management system in the Federal government in comparison to the traditional Federal General Schedule (GS) pay system.
  • Federal Holidays: Applicable to Federal civilian employees. Establishes the public holidays for Federal employees.
  • OPM Federal Health Benefits: Applicable to Federal civilian employees. Provides general information to the public on Federal employees’ health plans and incentives.